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Support to women’s groups

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Niger – Urban and suburban areas of Zinder, Say-Kollo and Niamey

April 2011 – march 2013


Afrique Verte France and Niger


150 women processors, organised in 30 processing units.

Heart of the project

An increasing demand in ready-to-eat products

New dietary needs have emerged because of increased urbanization, lifestyle evolution and the change in women’s status. Consumers look for ready-to-eat products, easier to prepare than raw cereals. However, the supply of locally processed products of good quality is insufficient, encouraging customers to seek imported goods.
Yet the local processing sector has significant potential, and could therefore play a key role in food security strategies and the fight against poverty.
Because of the crucial role they play in the processing of local cereal, women must be supported to help them improve their production, qualitatively and quantitatively, in order to address new consumer demands more effectively while generating opportunities for Nigerien farmers.

Support 150 women for a better transformation of local cereals

The goal of the project is to assist 150 women in order for them to process more efficiently local cereal into consumer products and optimize distribution channels.
Processed products are more suitable to fulfill the local needs and sales increase with the improvement of their quality and availability, and better positioning in the marketing channels. Women therefore receive steady and substantial income, which enables them to improve the living conditions of their homes, and acquire a new status in society.
The development of processed grain products also provides new opportunities for local farmers. On a larger scale, the project also helps to improve the food security in Niger, as good quality processed products made from local cereal are marketed at competitive prices.

Main actions

Product quality

Improve the quality and availability of locally processed cereals, mainly by training women to increase their professionalism as much in the technical aspects of production as well as in management; by certifying the process to demonstrate the quality of processed cereals; and by acquiring equipment to improve packaging.

Local distribution channels

Develop the distribution channels and increase the sale of processed products by training women on marketing techniques and negotiation; by doing market research; and by undertaking promotional and marketing operations.

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