Professional rehabilitation AP3-2

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Professional rehabilitation

of total budget
months of action
of the project is financed by SEED Foundation
Sénégal – Sangalkam
Dates of the project
April 2011 – march 2013

45 young adults trained in the school

Heart of the project

A future for street kids

To help get children off the streets, the Senegalese Association Village Pilote has opened a reception centre, near Dakar, which aims to stabilize them and allow their reintegration in a homely atmosphere. A vocational training system called « Tremplin » was created in order to facilitate the reintegration of the older residents through economic activity. As training is currently limited to the building trades, the centre now hopes to extend the training to agricultural work, with Grain Drôme Ardèche’s help.
SEED Foundation joins in this project to support the development of a new vocational training which aims to enable young adults to start an agricultural activity.

Trainings on organic gardening

The goal of the project is to train dissocialized young adults in agriculture and to help them become young independent farmers.
45 young adults will be trained in organic gardening as well as processing and marketing food products. They will also have access to an individual plot on which they will produce autonomously, all the while benefiting from technical monitoring. They will also be supported during the start-up of their economic activities.

Main actions


School site layout and equipment: rehabilitation of wells, digging new wells, creation of drip irrigation networks, delimitation of plots…


Technical training of teachers and young adults: training in agroecology (soil fertilization, irrigation, composting, crop protection…) and technical support.


Introduction to food processing through technical training and support in the use and marketing of dried goods.


Support youths to settle down as independent farmers: training in economic management, agricultural planning and marketing; Cash advance to allow the start of their activity.

Nous avons conscience que notre action est restreinte de par le petit nombre de personnes rencontrées et SEED Fondation nous donne l'occasion de mieux connaître, de rencontrer, de diversifier nos points de vues et donc notre aide.

Chloé and FlorineEmployees at Technisem sponsor of SEED Foundation

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