Support of family livestock farming AP5-1

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Support of family livestock farming

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Togo, Plateaux region, Villages close to Notsé

July 2012 – June 2014

Elevages sans frontières France & Togo

64 rural families in 4 villages close to Notsé

Heart of the project

Rural families in difficulties because of climatic hazard

In the south, the population is composed of crop and livestock farmers and their families. The production of livestock and crop farming remains low and is subject to climatic hazards. Crop failures lead to immediate food problems, hence, 30% of the Togolese population suffers from malnutrition. Women and children are the most affected by nutritional deficiencies, especially animal proteins. The national meat production remains deficient relative to the consumption. Animal farming practices currently in place cannot guarantee household’s food security.

Animal microcredit to improve food security

This project is based on the original principle of animal micro credit “whoever receives…gives”: for every animal received, the family commits to giving an animal born in their farms to another family. This principle gives responsibility to the beneficiaries, creating a multiplying effect and promoting solidarity between families.
The implementation of livestock farming will allow the families to improve their daily alimentation. In addition, thanks to the income from the sale of farming produce, they can send their children to school and have access to more decent living conditions.

Main actions

Animal microcredit

For each animal received, families will have to give an animal born of their breeding to a new family. A contract will be issued and meeting will be organized to share experience.


Each family will be trained on managing a breeding activity and all question relating to hygiene and veteran care; they will be supported in the construction of their animal shelters


Families will be assisted in the commercialization of their products and in their economic management of their livestock. Their products will be collected and sold on local markets.

The first sales intervened during the illness of my two children and 50,000 FCFA served to pay their health expenses and to provide for the nutritional needs of the family.

Kossivi, young farmerBeneficiary

The domestic scale of this project is particularly attractive and it makes it very easy to apprehend.

Philippe, visiting the projectEmployee of Interepco, sponsor of SEED Foundation

Expected benefits

64 families benefit from the project
60% of beneficiaries attend management trainings
 Over 90% of families pay back their animal microcredit

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