Promotion of local cereals AP7-3

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Promotion of local cereals

of total budget
months of action
of the project is financed by SEED Foundation
Senegal – Region of Thiès

February 2015 – january 2018


180 women producing donuts and 36 rural bakers, 150 family farming businesses, 3 milling factories, 3 farmers’ organizations and the consumers of 60 villages.

Heart of the project

Neglected local products

Bakers and women who produce donuts using imported wheat flour are vulnerable to the variation of the global exchange rates. Moreover, the increase in imported wheat prices makes the bakers use more chemical baking powder, which is a national nutritional threat.
In parallel, the local wheat producers sell their productions at low-income prices.

Main actions


Support 150 family farming businesses which produce corn and millet through technical training and by setting up warehouses, associative flourmills and by creating a management committee.


Training 36 bakers and 180 women in bread making and on transforming local cereals (30% to 50% for bread, 100% for donuts and biscuits) and strengthening their entrepreneurship capacities.

 Raising awareness

Promotion campaign of the products towards the population and politics to encourage the substitution of imported wheat by local cereals.

Before the project, to make ends meet, I had to go to Dakar to find small jobs. With the project I have stopped this exodus. Before, I produced 10 to 15kg of bread per day. Since then I produce 20kg per day. I won over new clients because they are satisfied with this bread made of local cereals.

Sallou Diallo, farmer and baker25 years old, married with 2 kids

During 10 days I visited beneficiaries and I think I was at that moment that I realized that I was contributing to something bigger than myself.

Mélissa, volunteerDuring her 6 month mission on the project

During my visit I had the pleasure of talking with the local project leader, farmers and people in charge of the warehouses. I got to try bread made with millet and corn from a baker as well as donuts form women. It has been a tasteful visit!

Romain, employee at Pierson ExportVisiting the project

Expected benefits

15% increase of families’ income;
80% of the trained women substitute daily the wheat by local cereals in their production;
 50% increase of profit for the women and 20% for the bakers;
 75% of the surveyed consumers appreciate the change of recipe and are ready to substitute it to the wheat-based products.

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