Follow guidelines to improve your chances of preselection

Criteria for eligibility

Make a note for the following points to maximize eligibility for your projects

Eligibility of the application

  • Project duration between 24 and 36 months
  • The pre-project stages must have already completed: feasibility study, diagnosis, market study, project draft
  • Spread the anticipated allocation over a maximum of 3 years and ensure that it represents between 10% and 70% of the total project budget, i.e. a total project budget of between 10,000 € and 150,000 €.
  • If the project fits into a larger program, the SEED Foundation team will ensure that its dimensions remain compatible with its grant.

Eligibility of the holders

The French organization

  • Must issue CERFA tax receipts
  • Must have experience in the field of agricultural development in Africa
  • May submit only one project per call
  • May not be a SEED Foundation partner (no on-going projects)
  • May not be a student association

The African organization

  • Must be a non-profit organization
  • Must participate actively in the project
  • Must be able to continue the project when the partnership ends

Eligibility of the project

  • Must be in an eligible African country
  • Must be less than 3 hour drive from the country’s capital
  • Must present an innovative element
  • The project must relate to agricultural or livestock products intended for local food consumption and not for export
  • The project must concern at least 2 stages of the sector: production, processing, marketing
  • Direct beneficiaries must have been identified (number and nature)

The targeted theme

2018: the products and know-how of the African terroirs

SEED Foundation supports family farming development projects in Africa with the goal of developing efficient agricultural production systems and supporting local value chains, from production to commercialization of the end product.

Since 2016, SEED Foundation has focused on projects that aim to promote the products of African terroirs and optimize their management methods.

Produce and consume local in cities

Produce and consume local in cities


Promoting endangered vegetables

Promoting endangered vegetables


Creation of a direct selling channel for the « maman zio » rice

Creation of a direct selling channel for the « maman zio » rice


Using bush plants as a pesticide

Using bush plants as a pesticide


Criteria and priorities

Points of attention to put the odds on your side

  • Fund’s Allocation / Total Project Budget: Priority will be given to projects where the SEED Foundation allocation is balanced in the budget and the funding plan.
  • Sector aspect: Priority will be given to projects acting on several stages of the sector.
  • Feasibility: The capabilities of the project, the French and African organizations, the local anchoring and coherence with the context of the area, the coherence of the budget and the financial plan.
  • Relevance: respect of the objectives of sustainable development, the expected impacts of the project and the existence of evaluation mechanisms.
  • Sustainability: The prospects and long-term vision of the project, particularly through capitalization.

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