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Let's work together to raise awareness on agriculture and Africa

Presentation of our actions

Our motivations, our objectives

Since 2016, SEED Foundation has focused on conveying to young audiences notions of solidarity, exchange of know-how, respect for the environment and human dignity, through actions of education for sustainable development in France.
This awareness-raising initiative is the result of the willingness of corporate sponsors to become involved with SEED Foundation from France.

The Fund has identified 4 main themes that are proposed to host organizations:

Agriculture and livestock in Africa

Water in the world

Poverty and international solidarity

The role of women in Africa

Why raise awareness with SEED Foundation?

3 good reasons to get started

Learning to think about humanitarian issues in Africa

The aim is to make children aware of the difficulties that rural and isolated populations in Africa may face, to show them the differences between the European continent and Africa. We discuss through exchanges with children the solutions that might be considered.

Create a dynamic within the institution

Awareness sessions can be inspiring for teachers and facilitators and lead to the development of educational projects geared towards international solidarity.

Communicate about our activities and projects

For some awareness events such as open days, fundraisers can be organized around children’s creations, such as greeting cards.

Achievements and testimonials

Halage 2017-2018 : Collective garden and solidarity

Halage 2017-2018 : Collective garden and solidarity


One month to raise awareness

One month to raise awareness


African flavors at the retirement home

African flavors at the retirement home


In-bag agriculture at Yann Arthus Bertrand’s

In-bag agriculture at Yann Arthus Bertrand’s


Frequently Asked Questions

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Intervention structures concerned? Nursery schools, primary schools and colleges, leisure centers or associations, mainly in 92 and Paris.

Cost of an intervention? Free except purchase of equipment at the expense of the host organization.

Targeted audience? We intervene mainly with children, but within the framework of specific actions, our sensitization actions can aim at a wider public, during events welcoming a family public for example.

Duration of a session? Punctual or on a cycle of intervention, the sessions of awareness last between 1 hour and 3 hours according to the public, the structure of reception, the availability of the teaching teams, the topic of intervention …

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