SEED Foundation creates a web between African farmers looking for fundings and sponsor firms wishing to give back

A mission focused on humanitarian aid to Africa.

SEED Foundation mission statement is to support agricultural and rural development in Africa so as to strengthen food safety and living conditions for the more vulnerable populations.

Promote solidarity in Africa
Rally committed corporate sponsors
Support family-based agriculture
Develop ecological farming

Malnutrition in rural Africa

239 millions Africans suffer from malnourishment

As shown by the dramatic food crisis in Africa in 2007-2008, food insecurity is particularly acute in rural areas where the vast majority of the African population lives. Ironically, farmers are the ones more severely hit by hunger.
Hunger by itself hampers the social and economic growth of the continent. As a consequence, 33 out of the 50 poorest countries in the world concentrate in Africa.
Paradoxically, perspectives for growth in the African continent are huge.
Particularly in the agricultural field, vast opportunities for development are possible. Africa holds both the economic potential as well as the land to properly feed its population.

By providing poor farmers and their families with the means to develop their crops as well as agri-food activities, living conditions thanks to additional revenues can be improved and food security can be enhanced.

90% of agricultural production is grown by family-based farming

Agriculture development is currently considered as a paramount strategy for the African continent to feed people, reduce poverty and fuel economic growth.
This is the reason why SEED Foundation has chosen to strive for food security in Africa through sustainable agricultural activities.

Goals for our actions

All selected projects meet these goals

Act upon the whole agricultural sector

from production to transformation and marketing at the most local level.

Promote family-based agriculture

As the most common and food-efficient leverage to curb hunger and poverty.

Develop local resources

adapted to African soils and optimize yields and crops.

Strive for sustainable agricultural activities

to achieve sustainable development from a social, economic and environmental point of view.

Nos objectifs d’actions

Les projets soutenus répondent à ces objectifs

Agir sur les filières agricoles

de la production à la commercialisation en passant par la transformation pour atteindre sur les marchés locaux.

Promouvoir l’agriculture familiale

forme d’agriculture la plus courante et la plus nourricière comme solution à la lutte contre la faim et la pauvreté.

Valoriser les ressources locales

des terroirs africains et optimiser leur mode de gestion.

Encourager les pratiques agricoles durables

pour un développement agricole viable sur le plan social, économique et environnemental.

Our method to achieve results

Steps for a virtuous cycle


Committed corporate sponsors are mobilized around philanthropic human-sized initiatives to develop innovative projects along with African farmers.

Choosing and supporting

Projects selected by SEED Foundation are financed by our affiliated sponsors. Projects are developed over several years to achieve agricultural sustainable growth in order to improve living conditions of the more vulnerable populations.

Follow and evaluate

Monitor actions through field visit, reports and final evaluations of projects.

Raising awareness

Our actions with the general public promote a more dynamic image of African family farming.